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Aranlaw House Nursing Home

Is your loved one suffering with dementia and you need professionals to care for them? Well, get in touch with our fantastic Aranlaw House nursing home. We have excellent facilities and provide care packages that are tailored to the needs of your loved one. For more information about our luxury home, give us a call on 01202 763367.

We Specialise in Dementia at Our Aranlaw House Care Home

Dementia is caused when cells within a person’s brain begin to die. As a result, the electrical connections are damaged, which affects our ability to function. Alzheimer’s and a loss of oxygen flow to the brain can lead to the destruction of brain cells. Here at our Aranlaw House care facility, we can look after individuals who are in need of assistance during the latter stages of dementia.

The disease can affect individuals differently in various stages. For many, the symptoms include memory loss and the inability to carry out everyday functions. This can cause confusion and fear in individuals, especially if they begin to forget family members and the people around them. By becoming residents at our Aranlaw House nursing home, there will be constant support.

What makes Aranlaw House care home stand out above others is the fact that we make care plans that are tailored to each individual. As mentioned, each person is at a different stage when they have dementia, so we make sure that the treatment they receive is based on their specific circumstances.

Our staff closely monitor the behavioural patterns of our residents and their general health so that we can adapt their care plans accordingly. Every detail regarding our residents is noted down on electronic records at our Aranlaw House care facility.

A Home Away from Home

Aranlaw House Nursing Home

As well as providing the care that our residents require, we also make sure that each one feels comfortable and at home at our Aranlaw House nursing home. Our residents are not patients in a health facility; they are still people that want to enjoy their day-to-day living. We facilitate this as much as possible so that they feel happy waking up in the morning.

Within our Aranlaw House care home, we offer a range of facilities so that our residents don’t want for anything. In fact, if you are considering our home for your loved one, then you should know that they will have access to the following:

  • Chiropodist
  • Optician
  • Hair Salon
  • Dentist
  • And More!

Why Choose Our Aranlaw House Nursing Home?

Aranlaw House care facility is made up of three floors and boasts 46 luxury en-suite rooms, all of which are single occupancy. Each room has the amenities that our residents need, as well as a decorative design. Every inch of our facility is designed to help, which is why we have murals on the walls to encourage independence among our residents.

These designs spark memories in the minds of our residents and they also serve as reminders of where their bedrooms or communal areas are located. The interior of Aranlaw House nursing home is beautiful, but the area we are based in is just as glorious. Many of our residents and care staff enjoy taking the short walk down to Westbourne seafront to take in the fresh air.

You can put your full trust in our staff as they are fully qualified and hugely experienced in helping individuals with dementia. To work at our Aranlaw House nursing home, staff have to go through an induction process, which is then followed by hands-on training. We also encourage our employees to progress and gain additional qualifications.

Contact Us Today

To find out more information about Aranlaw House nursing home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us by giving us a call on 01202 763367 or by sending an email to