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At Aranlaw House, we are passionate about making sure each resident receives a care plan that is tailored precisely to their individual needs.

Our team use pre-assessments and discussions with family members and medical professionals to create a care plan that covers every aspect of a resident’s care – from their capabilities right down to what they can and can’t eat.

Each plan is designed to unobtrusively provide them with the care, cues and direction they require to carry out their daily lives with independence and dignity. Our staff deliver the care sensitively and attentively, which ensures residents feel cared about, not cared for.

We wouldn’t be able to provide our outstanding level of care without the help of our support staff. They’re always on the ball to ensure residents reside in a comfortable, clean and safe environment.

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When brain cells begin to die, the intricate network of electrical connections is damaged. Both Alzheimer’s and a reduction of oxygen flow to the brain over time cause brain cells to die, essentially offsetting what we recognise as dementia.
Dementia affects everyone differently, which is why it is so important to gain a clear picture of each resident before they come and live with us. Symptoms of dementia include memory loss, difficulties in thinking, disorientation, and eventually difficulties in speaking.

These symptoms manifest themselves differently in each person. This is why it’s so important that each member of staff knows how to manage the complex feelings someone with dementia is going through at any one time.
Because dementia is a progressive disease, we work closely with GPs, mental health nurses and specially trained staff to ensure the condition of each resident is monitored.

Our staff use electronic records to ensure all notes reflect the needs and mood of each resident at that time. This means we can closely monitor their behavioural patterns and their health and well being, and update their care plan accordingly.

Palliative Care

When your loved one’s final days are upon them, we’ll liaise with family, friends, healthcare professionals and the resident themselves. During this process, we will create an end of life plan that’ll see them live the rest of their days pain-free and with dignity.

After they have passed, we offer on-going support for those who are grieving and will do everything we can to ease this process.

Care Plans

Here at our luxury care home in Poole, we make sure our residents are receiving the right level of care for their needs. For example, while some dementia residents are still quite able, others are at a more progressive stage and require near constant attention.

Prior to admission, we’ll come out and visit your loved one in their home. We’ll have a chat with them, which will allow us to get to know them as a person. We understand each resident on a personal level, and will use everything we know about them to provide care that is subtle and unobtrusive.

We’ll carry out our own pre-admission assessment, talk to relatives and liaise with medical and dietary professionals to formulate a care plan that’ll see all of your relative’s needs answered.

The care plan will cover every single aspect of your loved one’s life; from their capabilities and habits, right through to their medication and preferred meals. We’ll then make sure every single aspect is delivered in a dignified way that never highlights their dementia.

Before each resident moves in, we give each member of staff a summarised version of the care plan. This will enable them to get to know the new resident’s needs and provide the right care accordingly.

Dr Gemma Jones – Validation vs. Medication

The studies of Dr Gemma Jones form the foundations of the care that we deliver to our residents. We have also adopted her behavioural staging model, which places dementia into progressive stages.

This model helps us to deliver to residents a level of care that reflects their current needs and capabilities, rather than give them generalised care based on their overall condition.

Our luxury care home in Poole team have been trained to recognise the progressive nature of each stage. This, in turn, allows them to monitor changing behaviours and adapt care plans accordingly.

Through continuous monitoring, we get to know what is ‘normal’ for that particular resident. This enables us to identify whether changes in mood or personality is caused by their dementia or another health implication.