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Non-Dementia Care Home in Bournemouth

Have you been looking for a local non-dementia care home in Bournemouth because your family member or loved one is in need of some professional care that you’re simply unable to provide? In that case, reach out to LuxuryCare’s Aranlaw House on 01202 763 367 – we’re here to ensure that each one of our residents receives a care plan that’s tailored precisely to their individual needs, whatever they may be! 

Our Bournemouth Non-Dementia Care Home 

Here at Aranlaw House, our team members use thorough pre-assessments and discussions with family members as well as medical professionals in order to create a bespoke care plan that covers every aspect of a resident’s care at our non-dementia care home in Bournemouth. 

This includes everything from their capabilities to what they can and can’t eat. All of these plans are designed to unobtrusively provide the residents with the care, cues and direction that they require to carry out their daily lives with independence and dignity. 

The staff members at our Bournemouth non-dementia care home deliver this care attentively and sensitively. Our aim is ensuring that our residents feel cared about, rather than cared for. A clean, safe environment goes without saying! 

Prior to Admission into Our Bournemouth Non-Dementia Care Home 

Before admission, we will come out and visit your loved one in their home. We’re going to have a chat with them that enables us to get to know them as a person. It’s incredibly important to us to get to know each and every resident on a personal level to provide them with care that is subtle and unobtrusive. 

Our care plans are going to cover every single aspect of your loved one’s life. This includes their capabilities and personal habits as well as their medication requirements and preferred meals. 

The Facilities at Our Non-Dementia Care Home in Bournemouth 

At Aranlaw House, we’re very proud of our first-rate facilities that enable us to provide our residents with the highest levels of care. Freshly prepared nutritious meals are only one part of the experience. Our non-dementia care home in Bournemouth also includes all of the following: 

  • Chaplain 
  • Chiropody 
  • Doctors and Dentists 
  • Hair Salon 
  • Laundry Services 
  • Medical Services 
  • Opticians 

Why Choose Aranlaw House As A Non-Dementia Care Home in Bournemouth? 

Aranlaw House consists of 46 luxury en-suite rooms across three separate floors. All of our rooms are single-occupancy and easily accessible by lift. Thanks to our enviable location, the residents can walk down to the seafront with our staff members to experience the stunning views of the Dorset coastline. 

Of course, it takes a strong and dedicated team to achieve a continuously high level of care, which is something that makes Aranlaw House really stand out from other local care homes. We have a close network of managers, assistant managers, caregivers and specialist support staff. 

Upon employment at our non-dementia care home in Bournemouth, all of our staff members will be given the opportunity to work towards their care certificate. They’re also actively encouraged to progress through the company by gaining additional qualifications. 

Why People Think Ours is the Best Non-Dementia Care Home Bournemouth Can Offer 

We’re very happy that many of the family members of our residents have taken the time out to review our non-dementia care home. Bournemouth, you can now read through this excellent feedback on our dedicated page of testimonials

Contact Our Non-Dementia Care Home, Bournemouth Residents 

You can reach out to the dedicated staff members of our non-dementia care home in Bournemouth today by filling in our online contact form or calling us on 01202 763 367. We look forward to hearing from you soon!